Blog: Wallpaper and PhotoShop

Since the year 2000 when I began making websites, I've been using Jasc PaintShop Pro for all of my web graphics. I started with PaintShop Pro 7, and later upgraded to version 8. At the time, it was the only real alternative to PhotoShop and I was on a budget. This summer, I bought my first Mac, and am going back to school. So I finally made the jump to PhotoShop.

Since September, all of the content headers have been done in PhotoShop. PhotoShop is a pretty great program, though I couldn't imagine jumping into it without a dedicated class. Anyway, one of my projects was to paint a picture, a real picture with paint and paper. Then scan it into the computer and use PhotoShop as a tool to finish it off. I decided to implement to IMPLANTgames Hippo Dog (©2004-2010 Kris Genthe) logo into my art. And now, I'm sharing it with you as a wallpaper. It's widescreen, 1920x1080, but should be usable for most of you. (though 18.24% of you are running at 1024x768...)