Blog: Console I Love That Others "Hate"

While I'm busy working on my Budget Theatre Show, I'm a bit strapped for time to do a full on video game review. So to hold you all over for the next month while I continue that project, I've decided to post a quick video blog. MaximumRD had posted an open tag on YouTube asking what your favorite game console is, that most other hate on. I was torn between the Atari Jaguar, Neo Geo CD, and Sega 32x, but ultimately decided on the Sega 32x. Check out my YouTube response!

A few other notes. The next episode of the Budget Home Theatre will be posted on Monday. I'm working on a written review of TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat for the Sega Dreamcast. Lastly, I finally have the retro gaming set-up here at my new apartment. The next video review will be Sol-Feace for the Sega CD. Stay tuned.