Let's Play: Streets of Rage 2 (Genesis)

Ah, Streets of Rage 2, arguably one of the greatest side-scrolling beat 'em ups ever made. From a time where the traditional brawler ruled the scene, Streets of Rage 2 is often times considered the height of the genre. In this Let's Play I take you through the Sega Genesis version of the game from start to finish. Although when I headed into this video, I wasn't planning on making that far. It seemed the Genesis Gods were looking down on me favorably though, as I managed to plow through the game without continuing (although I will spoil it for you, I still lose a nice chunk of lives. Got to love the extra lives this game throws at you). Enjoy!



Throughout my life I have been an avid gamer. My early years in particular consisted of growing up with platforms like the Atari VCS/2600, NES, and Master System. Naturally, that led into platforms like the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Sega CD/32X, Sega Saturn, Virtual Boy, etc. In the mid to late 1990's, I realized (as a fledgling teenager with little disposable income) that I could obtain those systems that I once thought were completely out of my reach as a child (Neo-Geo, Atari Jaguar, CD-i, 3DO, etc.), and it was from there that I went into a long-term phase of discovering, experiencing and collecting consoles--just about anything I could get my hands on. While I enjoy the occasional modern game, these days time is limited outside of my many hobbies, so I tend to hover towards quick pick-up-and-play types of games, via generations I truly grew up with: Shoot 'em ups, arcade style beat 'em ups, platformers, light gun shooters, and racing games. Not to mention pinball games, something new (to me) that has become a main focal point of interest. In addition to the podcast with Kris, I also create a variety of content on my own YouTube Channel, including video game reviews, Long Plays, and Let's Plays. Many of these you will be able to find here at IMPLANTgames!