Longplay: Silver Surfer (NES)

Every system has its infamous titles. This label can be a result of poor gameplay mechanics, mediocre visuals or sound, object interaction that's seemingly broken, or a combination of all of the above. In some cases, games can be made infamous due to simply being misunderstood. I see Silver Surfer on the NES falling into this later category.

Silver Surfer doesn't do anything inherently wrong when it comes to the visuals, the controls are responsive, and the soundtrack kicks-ass. One thing it has going against it however is the brutal difficulty, and it's often perceived as one of the Nintendo Entertainment System's most difficult games.

I'm here to show you that, yes, this game can be punishing, but it is indeed possible to complete. I am also here to show you that it's really not that tough to manage, as long as you are in the right frame of mind when playing (re: play style) and are willing to work a little bit of memorization into the mix.



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