Retro Gaming Podcast – Episode 35: Kris Cares!


This is the IMPLANTgames retro gaming podcast with Kris and Austin, the show where we talk about old school games, collecting, YouTube and more. This is Episode 35: Kris Cares! In this episode we talk about:

  • Selling Games: eBay vs. Forums
  • Buying and Selling from Japan
  • Retro Flash-carts
  • Videogame Soundtracks
  • Dreamcast vs Playstation controllers
  • Daytona USA (Saturn and Arcade)
  • Sega Rally (Saturn)
  • Halo 1 and 2 (Xbox)
  • Mars Matrix and Giga Wing (Dreamcast)
  • El Gato Game Capture HD

Shout Outs:

Background music: “Pinball Spring” by Kevin MacLeod

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