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IMPLANTgames is something of a passion project. Founded in 2012, this website was created out of necessity in response to growing threats from rogue operations and unethical gambling sites, which made choosing where to bet online a terrifying task.

Imagine for a moment that you’re interested in betting the upcoming game. New to the online gaming industry, you Google “online betting websites” to help you find the best options. After scrolling through some URLs, you pick a site that looks trustworthy, has lots of games, and even claims to be licensed by a Caribbean regulatory body.

You set up your account, deposit money, and place some wagers; everything looks fine. But then, the unthinkable happens: you win big! For the first time since signing up, you request a withdrawal. After several days of inaction, you try again – this time taking the time to email customer service as well.

A poorly written email tells you that their requests were just backed up, and your money will reach your account soon. After a few more days, you hop online to check the status of your request. But when you enter the betting website’s URL, you get an error. The site has been taken down.

Since the betting site was hosted offshore, there’s no plan of recourse to recover those funds. This is the exact experience that thousands of online gamblers have gone through in the industry’s short existence and one that still happens frequently to this day.

Actually, it was after being scammed by several “honest-looking” sites that our small group of gambling professionals came together to find only the safest, most reliable, and legitimate websites to use for ourselves and share with our readers.

We decided that the only way to rid the internet of these thieves was to shine a brighter light on the businesses doing things right.

Since we’ve established IMPLANTgames, thousands of players have used our library of reviews and betting guides to find their ideal gambling site. No matter how one likes to gamble or which factors (beyond legitimacy, safety, etc.) they prioritize when looking for a website, we deliver a list of recommendations to meet those needs.

But we don’t just stop there. In addition to lists of recommendations, you can find numerous in-depth gambling site reviews and ratings for the companies featured on our site so that you know why we’ve recommended the options we’ve chosen to share.

Lastly, we’re continuously pumping out additional content to assist and support readers after they’ve found their favorite online betting website. We provide everything a person would need to learn about and succeed in all types of gambling. Our gambling guides cover all of the fundamentals of betting, including topics like bankroll management, finding value, and understanding the different ways odds are expressed.

Once you’ve established a foundation of understanding, you will find a vast library of resources at your disposal. Some traditional reader favorites include the numerous breakdowns of the rules, odds, and smart strategies for favorite casino table and card games, guides highlighting and teaching casino etiquette, and professional betting strategies for all of the major sports.

While IMPLANTgames began as a passion project designed to starve out the scammers of online betting by guaranteeing that nobody had to fall for their schemes again, it has since evolved. Every ounce of the passion is still there, but our mission has expanded in scope.

What makes this the most comprehensive online gambling site around is our ability to pair readers with the perfect gambling provider, educate even the most novice bettor so that they may approach playing with comfort and confidence, and deliver a continuous stream of high-quality content covering a wide range of betting-related topics, current events, and expert picks.

When it comes to online gambling, IMPLANTgames has everything you’ll ever need, all in one place.

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If you’d like to contact the leadership at IMPLANTgames, please feel free to reach out! We are always open for comments, questions, and suggestions regarding how we can better serve our readers. Even if you want to tell us how wonderful of a job we’re doing and how much money you’ve now won, don’t hesitate to share via the email address listed below.