History of pac-man video game

Over few years the world has been ruled by gaming and gambling. Comparing to the past years in the recent days the addiction to gaming is keeping on increasing and when you are interested in gaming you have to keep yourself updated. But if you are interested in trying something new there you can also look at the arcade video games which were popular a few years back. Even though there are hundreds and millions of games to try you should try that pac-man video game at least once to get the amazing pac-man game experience. To give you more knowledge on the pac-man video game the pac-man video game history is shared via the below content look at them.

History of pac-man video game

The first pac-man video game was created by Namco and which is released in the US. When you look into the pac-man video games you can see there are approximately 250 million pac-man games and among them around half of the games are played each week. To make the pac-man video games it has been released on all video game platforms. The best part of the pac-man video game is to celebrate the pac-man’s anniversary the Google doodle has created a playable version. 

The story behind the pac-man invention

The history and success of pac-man have their own story, this pac-man game was created by the Japanese game designer Toru Iwatani. When a magazine asked the designer about the pac-man invention she explained in few words they are as follows, in those days the Japanese gaming world is filled with several games with the concept of killing the aliens and other violent games and so these were the places where only the boys can play. There she wanted to create a game and that should be the livelier places for those women and couples and it was created with women in mind. There are the facts about pac-man video game which is not known for most of the gamers who are still playing it.

pac-man invention

Pac-man is not the first game for this game designer before it she has created a digital pinball gee bee but it does not get succeed. Later the pac-man is designed by her and still this has grabbing the attention of the people.

If you are a pac-man video game player you have to get to know their history and success story if you don’t know get them to know via this article.

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