IMPLANTgames Podcast - Ep 120: The Traveller’s Tales Episode!

This is the IMPLANTgames podcast. The show where we talk about old school games, collecting, YouTube and more. This is Episode 120: The Traveller’s Tales Episode! In this episode we talk about:

- RetroUSB AVS First Impressions
- Laserdisc
- Star Wars Episode IX
- NES Classic Edition
- Shenmue HD Rumors
- Toys R Us Dying?
- Sonic 1 Progress
- What Happened to Monday?
- Ken Burns: The Vietnam War
- Life Force (NES)
- Wipeout 3
- Traveller’s Tales
- GameHut (YouTube)

Background music: “Pinball Spring” by Kevin MacLeod

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Questions or suggestions? Leave a comment below and I will talk about it on a future episode!